4:th Scandinavian Workshop – Management of Colorectal lesions


It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us for the 4:th Scandinavian Workshop – Management of Colorectal lesions. The goal of this meeting is to present, discuss and demonstrate high quality established
endoscopic techniques like EMR, ESD and TEM-ESD practices on treating Colorectal lesions.
This year we are focusing on the quality of colonoscopy in Sweden, an important topic prior the implementation of national CRC screening. As always, we are going to highlight new developments in the field but keep the focus on daily practice.
We are introducing a hands-on afternoon before the workshop, containing EMR/ESD/TEM-ESD for preregistered endoscopists and TEM surgeons. We believe You will find this comprehensive educational program interesting and of high standard.

Anmälan senast 5 november.

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